Rapid Weight Loss Pills – How I Lost 20 Pounds in Only Four Weeks With Acai Berry Supplement

I’m a junior in college. In the dead of winter, when everyone was buried in layers of clothes, my friends and I decided to start saving so that we could go somewhere fun and warm for spring break. As well as saving money I knew I had to lose something- 20 pounds of extra weight – in order to have a really good time. I really wanted to look good for the beach but I had less than two months to get in shape. I did not think that was enough time and considered backing out of the trip altogether. I saw an ad for a rapid weight loss pill; it was an Acai Berry supplement and figuring I had nothing to lose so I ordered a free trial bottle.

Could I Lose the Weight that Fast?

The information on the back of the bottle said that the pills would boost my energy and help me eat less by suppressing my appetite. I wasn’t sure that they would work, I’d tried drinking “diet” teas and juices in the past and they hadWhat is Shark Tank not produced any results. But I had a good feeling about this Acai Berry Supplement.

Twenty Pounds in Four Weeks

The rapid weight loss pills were different. I really did seem to have more energy once I began taking them and I could go all day without ever thinking about food. In fact I had to remind myself to eat, to avoid starving myself completely! In four weeks I shed an amazing twenty pounds and looked great in the bikini I bought for my trip. Now I just can’t wait to hit the beach to show off the slim new me!

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