Baby Botox Treatments

The newest and most popular trend regarding Botox treatments is baby botox. If applied excessively, chances are quite high that Botox injections will give you a “frozen” and “meaningless” expression on your face. The main principle of baby botox injections, however, is to use only a necessary amount and thus tenderly relaxing the muscles that causes wrinkles. Since it is used often and in tiny doses, baby botox does not lead to a frozen expression and gives you a more natural appearance.

Juvederm Lips Before & After - Charlotte Huntersville, NC: Saluja Cosmetic  and Laser Center

It is a new botox technique and is administered the same way and using the same material to remove the wrinkles and lines, the difference is in the amount used and more personalized application. This allows the facial muscles Cornelius Juvederm to move freely and more naturally.

Botox has improved a lot since it was first introduced. The doctors are now more experienced, they are able to adjust the doses in tiny amounts and in accordance with the patient’s facial movements so they are more precise on injection areas. Plastic surgeons now recommend their patients to prefer smaller doses of Botox. Doctors sometimes encounter patients who constantly demand more and more botox injections and they are left with no choice but turning them down. In fact, research shows that some Botox fans see wrinkles and lines where there are none, dubbed as wrinklerexia, and are not fully satisfied until they achieve that “frozen” face.

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